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A Misplaced Child by Heather Michelle

Why I picked The Book?

While searching for a good fantasy series, I came across this book, A Misplaced Child by Heather Michelle. But, what I found attractive was its cover and description. Although, I have read many sci-fi fantasy series. But this one was a pure fantasy series with magic, kings and queens.

From Where Did I Got The Book?

I placed a request for the book, A Misplaced Child by Heather Michelle on storyoriginapp.com. The book has been released in September 2020. You can buy the book from Amazon also.

Author Introduction

Picture Courtesy: Goodreads.com

Heather Michelle is an upcoming writer in YA Fantasy Genre. Her encounter with an audiobook inspired her to be a writer. You can follow her work on her website at https://www.hmwrites.com/.


Elodie, Princess of Aluna is torn between two worlds. A magical spell compels her to switch between two worlds, turning her into a misplaced child.

She tries to maintain balance between the two worlds. But every time she tries to settle in one world the magical spells takes her back.

She understands her responsibility as a princess and tries to develop interest in political matters. In her journey between the worlds she encounters many adventures with her friend, Silas.

Will Elodie be able to return to her kingdom? Can Elodie break the spell?

Characters Portrayal

All the characters have well defined characteristics in the story, A Misplaced Child by Heather Michelle. Elodie’s character has been of a strong girl who is trying her best to adjust between the two worlds. She develops overtime and understands that she has to play a dual role in both the worlds.

My personal favourite is Silas, as he turns from a child to a squire and is in the way of making himself a perfect knight and a good friend.

Other Tertiary characters are also there which play an important role in making the story more adventurous and enthralling.

My Opinion

I would give a thumbs up to the story, A Misplaced Child by heather Michelle. I fell in love with Elodie and Silas at an instant.

Apart from that the story is quite magnificently woven around magic, empires and friendship. Also, the most exquisite thing in the story is the mention of different kind of plants and their magicity.

I would suggest this story for those who love to read about magic and potions.

Narrative Style

The writer has narrated the full story, A Misplaced Child by Heather Michelle only from Elodie’s point.

I really like those stories where only one character narrates everything. This in turn helps in understanding the story in a much better way.

Elodie’s switching between the two worlds has been portrayed perfectly, so as to have a clear cut description of the plot.


Plot ———– 5/5

Characters ———- 5/5

Recommendation ———– 5/5

Writing Style ————- 5/5

Cover Analysis——— 5/5

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