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Why I Picked The Book?

    Horror genre has always fascinated me. For many days I was searching for some spine chilling horror and eventually landed on Wattpad. And in my search recommendations ” And The Music Played ” was the first book. Also, I found the title of the book little bit creepy. So I thought to give it a go.      

From Where I Got This Book?

    You can read it on Wattpad in the below mentioned link if you are a horror story lover but in my opinion not much of an interest.

Author Introduction

    Peter C. is an Australian writer who has written “And The Music Played”. He is also a member of Caboolture’s Writer’s link. He has written many adventure stories but now he has switched his genre to horror with his book “And The Music Played”. His many works include, The Third Party, Hide and Seek, Uncle Endicott’s room, Jeremiah’s Team, Terrifying discovery and many more.      


The story is about a family of three members, Tobias Blakesley (husband), Edith Blakesley (wife) and Felicity Blakesley (Daughter) who move into a newly bought mansion in Alchester. Tobias and Edith both are university lecturers.  

As soon as they moved into the house, they felt a chilling atmosphere inside the house which was quite unusual. They also tried to speak with two locals of Alchester about the history of the house. They told the Blakesley’s that a mysterious music always comes out of the house in the night. On the very first night in the house they heard a music and after it stopped the chill in the atmosphere also lifted.  

Felicity with her fellow student, Jason Harpwell decided to investigate the mystery. In their search they found a hollow structure below the mansion. More stories about the house get unravelled when they dig deeper into the history of the house and the skeleton of a mystery woman is found in the cellar.  

Who was the women in the cellar? What was the mystery behind the music being played? Will they be able to unravel the mystery?  

Characters Portrayal

  The three main characters of the story “And The Music Played” have a narrative role and totally relevant with the story. The character of Jason Harpwell has not been given much of a narrative one in the story. The role of the other characters have also shared a considerable space in the story but that does not happen until you reach half of the story. But I would say that Felicity Blakesley has been portrayed as a strong daughter who did every possible thing to uncover the truth.    

My Opinion  

The writer has drawn a good plot from the starting but fails to maintain the interest as we move forward in the story. Conversation with the natives and their dialogues are a good part but somewhat boring. The story picks up pace again when the family contacts Reverend.

Then comes the ending part which was the most confusing one. You will be highly disappointed with the climax. I was expecting more from the writer about the history of skeleton but it looks like the writer was in a hurry to finish it off. I would recommend to read the story “And The Music Played” just for once as half part of the story is good.    

Narrative Style

The writer has spent a considerable time and effort on explaining the events in the story “And The Music Played” in a good manner. The author’s choice of words are very simple as you would be able to understand that what is happening. The sentence arrangements are also good which states one event at a time only.     


  • Plot  –   5/5
  • Characters  –   4/5
  • Climax   –   2/5
  • Recommendation  –   3/5
  • Writing Style   –   4/5

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