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Book Information

Name of book ———— Cobwebs from an empty skull

Author ————— Ambrose Bierce

Publication Year —— 1874

Genre ———- Fiction


Plot ———– 5/5

Characters —— 5/5

Recommendation ——- 4/5

Writing Style ——– 5/5

Cover Page ——— 4/5

Where the book can be read?

The book, Cobwebs from an empty skull by Ambrose Bierce is available on But you can also download it for free from the below link:

Why did I chose the book?

I have always found short stories very fascinating. Also, I have read other stories by Ambrose Bierce. So, I didn’t wanted to miss the book Cobwebs from an empty skull by Ambrose Bierce.

But the most exquisite feature of this book is its title. The title of the book itself is eccentric and discrete.

Author Introduction

Ambrose Bierce was a civil war veteran, poet, journalist and a short story writer. He has many masterpieces  to his name but ” The Devil’s Dictionary” was named as one of ” The 100 Greatest Masterpieces of American Literature”. He was born in the year 1842 in United States. The Haunted Valley (1871) was his first story.


“Behold the folly of mankind: they cannot perceive that the quality of the burdens of life is a matter of no importance. The question of pounds and ounces is the only consideration of any real weight.”

The book Cobwebs from an empty skull by Ambrose Bierce is a collection of short stories.

The stories are written as moral stories starting from Fables of Zambri, the Parsee, Brief Seasons of Intellectual Dissipation and Divers Tales.

My Opinion

The moral stories are at their best told by Ambrose Bierce in his book Cobwebs from an Empty Skull.

Some stories are creepy and some are told just as a moral for the readers. Although, the writer has mentioned the moral at the end of the story. But, for some of the stories we need to decide what the writer wants to convey. My personal favourite are the stories from Fables of Zambri, the Parsee.

But, in my opinion I really enjoyed the stories and Ambrose Bierce fans should not miss this masterpiece.

Narrative Style

Ambrose Bierce has a quite distinct style of writing. And, the same style he has incorporated in the book Cobwebs from an Empty Skull.

In this book the writer has used narrative style of writing. And, in the end it’s the responsibility of the readers to understand and derive the true meaning of the story.

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