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Book Information

Book Name ——— Codename: Chimera

Author ——— Jake and Kate Persy

Publisher ——- Self published

Publication Year ——- 2017

Genre ———- Mystery/ Thriller


Plot ————– 5/5

Characters ———– 5/5

Recommendation ————– 5/5

Writing Style ————— 5/5

Cover Page ————- 5/5

Where to read the book?

The book Codename: Chimera by Jake & Kate Persy is available in ebook and paperbook format on Amazon. You can also request to read the book for free on the following website:

Why did I chose the book?

Although the first point to choose the book was its cover which itself describes the book Codename: Chimera by Jake & Kate Persy. Also, the book description was quite fascinating and found irresistible to miss it.

Author Introduction

Jake & Kate Persy are author duo and self – published writers. While writing the book Codename : Chimera, they just wanted to write a book which everyone can sit back and enjoy. You can follow them on goodreads and on their website:


Morris Peterson, a billionaire businessman dies a horrible death mysteriously. His wife Jessica Peterson informs the police about a missing medallion. And, the suspect is a man with no face.

Kevin Kris, a private detective starts investigating the case. While investigating Kevin and his assistant Penny unearthes grave discoveries about the medallion.

A dead body, a medallion and a project Codename: Chimera is what the whole mystery revolves around. Will Kevin be able to discover the truth about the mysterious past of the medallion? How did Morris Peterson died?What is Project Codename: Chimera?

Character Portrayal

The characters in the story Codename: Chimera by Jake and Kate Persy are simple and easy to understand. The writer has not given any complex portrayal of the characters. Our Protagonist, Kevin is a perfect detective who enjoys every mystery and turns every stone to solve it. The supporting characters have also played a perfect role in the story.

My Opinion

I really loved the book Codename: Chimera by Jake and Kate Persy.

The writer has perfectly brewed the mystery and with every word it has increased. I have enjoyed every page and every turn.

Also, the climax of the story is flawless. The story is full of adventure and action and is definitely not a monotonous one.

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