Ellie Parkinson and The Realm of Evil |Amazon E-book Review

Why I Picked The Book?

    Reading books is my hobby and passion both. I am a thriller and horror genre lover. But I have never tried a fantasy book, so without a second thought started reading Ellie Parkinson and The Realm of Evil. And above all I found the cover of the book fascinating.    

From Where I Got This Book?

The book was offered to me for a review on my blog. You can read the book online as it is an e-book on Amazon Kindle. You can buy the book following this link:   https://www.amazon.in/sk=ellie+parkinson+and+the+realm+of+evil&ref=nb_sb_noss

Author Introduction

Ellie Parkinson and The Realm of Evil is written by N.A.Khan. He is a chemical engineering student living in Hyderabad and a budding author who decided to become an author right from his school days. However, N. A. Khan adores literary work of J K Rowling. He has some other books to his credit like ‘A Sip of Infinity’ and ‘A Dark Past’.    


“The prophecy has come true indeed, of a mortal offspring being born at the full moon,bringing with it the promise of eternal youth and beauty for us, which would assuredly lead to a graceful end to all our hunts in search of youthful souls and make us retain our immortality forever,” she announced, in a sort of horrifying bliss.

Ellie Parkinson, a fourteen year old teenage girl is like any other regular girl living in London with her parents and brothers. But her visions and nightmares have tortured her since from childhood but she never found answers for her nightmares.   Ellie Parkinson encounters her nightmare right in front of her eyes during her gymnastics practice. She saw a pale white bald face with pupil less eyes and vampire teeth while practicing, so consequently, she lost her balance and broke her leg. So, to cheer Ellie her friends decided to take her to a carnival. She has always shared a special bond with her friends, Matt , Alex and Judy who supported her at every step in her life. At the carnival, she encounters Madam Maxima, a prophetess who tries to help Ellie to find answers for her visions. But a mystical spirit interfered them in their pursuit.    

With the help of Judy, she contacts Holden, a parapsychologist who helps her in realizing her true self. And, in her search for truth, she comes across some horrifying revelations and betrayal.   Why she was having nightmares? Why a mystical figure was haunting Ellie? What revelations were made on her path?    

Characters Portrayal

“Dear child, I am very well aware of what you have seen,” she claimed, continuing to rub my hand. “And I also know that you have been experiencing this monstrosity for quite some time, as well as the nightmare that has been tormenting you since you were eight. The fates have informed me everything till this date,”

  The Protagonist, Ellie Parkinson has been portrayed as a girl who is a strong lady and can forego any limits when her friends and family are under threat. At a point in the story, she didn’t even cared for her life to save her love interest. Above all, Ellie’s character has been so Dynamic as she undergoes a drastic change throughout the story from a teenage girl to a psychic. But, on the other hand  the Tertiary characters like Ellie’s parents and brothers have a very small role in the whole story.  But, the Antagonists in this story are certainly marvelous and full of maliciousness and revenge.  

  My Opinion

Fantasy stories were never my cup of tea. But still as I wanted to discover a different genre I read this book. And, mind it I was not disappointed at all. What a fabulous journey of a teenage girl which is full of magic and horror.   Firstly, I would strongly recommend this story for everyone as it is a story of Self- Realization and search for one’s power. And above all the cover is also very eye catchy. Secondly,  If I talk about climax, I would say a perfect mixture of Magic, Betrayal and Revenge. But the tip of the iceberg is the final ending of the story which is totally unexpected, and, therefore it is a must read.

Narrative Style    

The author has adopted, certainly, a Linear Narrative style where the writer starting from the normal life of the main character, Ellie Parkinson has unfolded slowly the events happening in its life. Moreover, not much flashbacks have been included to confuse the readers. The choice of words by the author are also certainly flawless.    


  • Plot  –   4/5
  • Characters  –   5/5
  • Climax   –   5/5
  • Recommendation  –   5/5
  • Writing Style   –   5/5
  • Cover     –     5/5

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