Hide and Seek| Jakayla Toney | Horror | Story Review

Why I Picked The Book?

    Horror stories have always fascinated me right from the time I started reading. This book came as a suggestion on my Wattpad library and the book is also a winner of The Wattys Award 2016. So, there is no chance that I should miss this masterpiece.    

From Where I Got This Book?

The story is a good read on Wattpad and has been divided into chapters. You can read the story in the below mentioned link:   https://www.wattpad.com/209503163-hide-and-seek-chapter-1-lights-off

Author Introduction

    Jakayla Toney (@Ms_Horrendous) is a young adult fiction writer known for her horrifying and creepy ghost stories. However, authors such as R.L. Stine and Mary Downing Hahn inspire the young author. Throughout Jakayla’s recent years, the author studies music and photography passionately thriving to be the best artist she can be. In addition, she’s won Foap’s (Hobby Time) photo contest 1st place. Jakayla was born in South Carolina, USA, and, further in 2009 moved to Egypt with her parents to learn Arabic where she eventually became fluent in the language. Her time there was full of interesting events including witnessing and living through The 2011 Egyptian revolution.    


“Be Like Them and Guide people to their doom”

Jakayla Toney

  Emily and Caleb were living with their parents and had a perfect life which every child would have wished for. Emily had only one friend Abby with whom she loved to play hide and seek. But good times never stop for anyone. Emily and Caleb lost their parents in one night and therefore, police according to their parent’s will handed their custody to Mr. and Mrs. Harmon.   Emily and Caleb were very happy with their new custodians and the only restriction they had to follow was not to set foot on fourth floor.

 On the other hand, Emily started exploring the mansion and found a tattered and burnt house a few yards away from the mansion. While exploring it, she found some children living in it. She befriended them but she felt something unusual and spooky in the house. As days passed by Emily is haunted by malicious spirits and sightings she realizes that something is not quite right with the Harmons, certainly. She wanted to run away but was caught by Mr.Harmon and he compelled her to play the last game of her life “HIDE and SEEK”.  

  What happened to Emily’s parents and his brother Caleb? Who were the children living in the house? What was the true identity of Mr.Harmon? Will Emily survive the last game?    

Characters Portrayal



 Firstly, The Protagonist, Emily in this story is a strong daughter and sister who does everything to save her brother Caleb. She is a good friend who loves her best friend Abby. Secondly, The Antagonists in the story Mr. and Mrs. Harmon have been given a color of evil and hungry for power. In addition, the tertiary characters have also been portrayed well as they have helped Emily in much possible way. But, above all , Emily steals the limelight as the way she handles the situation of her parent sudden demise and providing emotional support to her brother.     

My Opinion

  If you want to read a short horror story, then this is it. Therefore,  a perfect blend of horror, evil, and spookiness in one story. A 14 year old girl, Emily handling every situation with such courage is really admirable. I really loved the plot and certainly, a riveting climax will make you shiver. Moreover, the truth revelation about Abby and Violet will definitely make you read the story twice. This is one of the best horror stories I have ever read.   And the best thing about the story are the scary GIFs. So,  I would totally recommend you to read this story on Wattpad.          

Narrative Style

  The writer,thus, follows a unique narrative style and has used pictorial representation for perfectly conveying her story. Moreover, the vocabulary used is very simple and so, self understanding.    


  • Plot  –   5/5
  • Characters  –   5/5
  • Climax   –   5/5
  • Recommendation  –   5/5
  • Writing Style   –   4.5/5

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