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Jaal by Sunanada Anand

Why I Picked The Book?

Jaal by S. Anand, is a mystery thriller genre story. Thrillers have always been my first favourite, so, there were no second thoughts while picking this out.

Book Info : Author – S. Anand , Pages – 273 , Published By – Tulika Publications , Publication Year – Oct 2020 , Genre – Mystery , Format – E-Book

From Where I Got This Book?

Jaal by S. Anand has been offered to me for an honest review. The book is primarily written for Indian readers in Hindi. You can read the book on Amazon by following the link:


Author Introduction

S. Anand is an engineer by profession and a passionate writer. Born and brought up in Delhi but now has settled in Kochi. Jaal by S. Anand is a paranormal murder mystery available on Amazon Kindle. He has some other works to his credit which includes:

You can also follow the writer on Goodreads.com on the below mentioned link:



Richa, an aspiring writer ventures out to Bilaspura for her next novel. But little does she know what awaits for her in Bilaspura.

As she struggles for ideas for her next book, she encounters paranormal activities around her. She felt like someone is trying to contact her. While unearthing the truth she faces many threats including that her own life is threatened.

But apart from all the obstacles she decides to uncover the truth and take it out in front of the world.

Will Richa be able to uncover the truth? What paranormal activities Richa encountered? What steps will she take to reach at a conclusion?

Characters Portrayal

Each and every character has a separate narrative in the story Jaal by S.Anand. Although the protagonist, Richa has a fabulous portrayal as a modern and educated woman. The other tertiary characters also play a significant role. The Antagonists are also portrayed well.

My Opinion

The book, Jaal by S. Anand is primarily targeted for Hindi audience. The story is really an engaging one and will keep you hooked to the last. I loved the mystery of the book and was not even able to put down the book. I will highly recommend the book for Indian readers.

Narrative Style

The narrative style of the book Jaal by S. Anand is perfect and easily understandable. The story has many flashbacks and it has been managed well by the author so that the story does not confuse you. The vocabulary used is also simple and understandable.


Plot ————— 5/5

Characters ————— 5/5

Recommendation —————– 5/5

Writing Style —————- 5/5

Cover page —————— 3/5

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