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Why I Picked The Book?

The book, Orphans of an Angel by Jay Aston is an autobiography of the writer. Although, I have never read any autobiographies but the summary of this book is quite intriguing. So, I didn’t wanted to miss the book.

From Where I Got This BOOK?

The book, Orphans of an Angel by Jay Aston was offered to me by the writer himself for a honest review. You can buy the book from Amazon as Kindle and Paperback. To buy directly visit the website www.authorjayaston.com.

Author Introduction

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Jay Aston is the author of the autobiography, Orphans of an Angel. He was born in Sheffield, UK to a coal miner. After his retirement he decided to write about the toils his mother faced into an autobiography.


Evelyn Dalton is a mother of four boys, a wife and a daughter who has seen struggles and hardships all her life. But, this has not stopped her from carrying out her responsibilities in an efficient manner.

But, life is cruel and so for Evelyn also when she finds out that her husband is cheating on her. And, with a cruel turn of events she lost both of her parents.

Every hardship Evelyn faced came as a blow on her emotions and health. But, she always stood strong for her family.

Will a homeless mother Evelyn be able to overcome the problems in her life? Would she be able to face the emotional and health turmoil? What will happen to her and the children when her husband leaves her?

Characters Portrayal

I have really fallen in love with the Evelyn’s character as she is such a strong character in the story, Orphans of an Angel by Jay Aston. An outstanding mother and daughter would be the perfect explanation of her character. The other characters are also portrayed perfectly. Each and every character has contributed to the story substantially.

My Opinion

I would totally recommend this story, Orphans of an Angel by Jay Aston as one of my favourites. Also, I would define the story as a large pool of emotions. It is my first autobiography read and I have surely fallen in love with it.

Previously I was of notion that autobiographies are boring but this one is not. This is a marvellous and fantastic piece of work. I was hooked up with the story right from the first page of the book.

I want to write more in the praise of the book, Orphans of an Angel and the writer, Jay Aston but words have limits.

Narrative Style

The writer has really done an excellent job. He has focussed the book, Orphans of an Angel by Jay Aston from his point of view. Due to this the book is easily understandable. The events have been beautifully synchronised.


Plot ——- 5/5

Characters ———- 5/5

Recommendation ———– 5/5

Writing Style ———— 5/5

Cover Page ————- 5/5

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