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Paralysis by D J Hoskins

Why I Picked The Book?

I have read the first part of the Dark Light Series, Paragon. And, I really liked the book. So, I decided to read the second book Paralysis, Dark Light Series#2. Also without reading all the parts you would not be able to understand the essence of the story.

From Where I Got This Book?

I was trying to find an internet site where I can request books for review. While doing this I found this site As I have read the first part, therefore, requested for the second part Paralysis, dark Light Series#2.

You can read review of Dark Light Series#1, Paragon on the below mentioned link:

Author Introduction

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D J Hoskins is the author of Dark Light Series, a sci-fi story. Comprised of the siblings, Davena and Jason Hoskins- D.J. Hoskins is a multi genre author. Their writing spans from fantasy to paranormal romance. They have authored 9 books and are simultaneously working on 5 series.


The keepers have captured Alex. He demanded answers but nobody was ready to tell him anything. Alex had two choices, either to be a Kaigan or an American. He finds himself in a paralysis state. But when the keepers analyse his affinity power they were amazed.

Melissa was transferred to Corpus. But while on their way her convoy was attacked by a Victashian. Kevin informs her that Victashia has broken the treaty with Kaiga. Melissa waits for her death in the hands of the Victashian.

Who were these keepers? And, what powers did Alex had? Who attacked Melissa and Why? Will this be the end for Paragon?

Characters Portrayal

The characters have been portrayed amazingly well in the story Paralysis, Dark Light Series#2. The Protagonists, Alex and Melissa are yet to find their true potential. But the Antagonist is powerful and magnanimous. The villain has been portrayed as one of those who leaves no stone unturned to assure its victory. Although, other tertiary characters have played their role well, but their role is very limited.

My Opinion

Paralysis is the second book in Dark Light Series. If you have read the first part, then I would strongly recommend you to go for this part. The writer has focussed more on Melissa and the Victashian. The battle scene portrayed by the writer is equally marvellous. I was really amazed with Alex’s abilities. But the climax is saved for the third part of the book.

Narrative Style

The writer has really done an excellent job. The second part, Paralysis, Dark Light Series#2 is focussed on three characters only. This was of much help in getting the entire crux of the story. The writer has taken much care in defining each and every character in detail.


Plot ——- 5/5

Characters ——- 5/5

Recommendation ——- 5/5

Writing Style ———– 5/5

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