Self Publishing : An Uprising Trend in 2020 | Article

Are you a writer or an author? Then we have a good news for you. Now you can start SELF- PUBLISHING your book. YES, you heard it right. Firstly, you can write your own book. Secondly, with the help of some online tools your book can be published in minutes.

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  SELF-PUBLISHING has emerged as a revolutionary trend. Especially, the writers who, at least, once in their lifetime thought and planned about writing a book. But, in practical, it was not really easy as it totally depended on publishers’ decision. An author,sometimes, also need to incur expenses for printing also.   But, in this niche also technology has played its considerable role. And, many thanks to the software developers who developed a SELF-PUBLISHING software for all the budding authors and writers.

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  There are many websites which provide the service of SELF-PUBLISHING. You can choose any of them.

1) NotionPress

NotionPress is India’s No.1 platform for self-publishing. The team will guide you at every step of publishing with its specially designed programs. The website also provides for book promotion and marketing programs all over the world. Indeed, the platform is a perfect opportunity for budding authors leaving all the hassles of publishing.  Above all, the platform has its presence all over the world. It has an author community of 100000 and already 5000 books published.

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E-book or Printbook, you wish for and it comes true on The authors have full control over its book and revenue. The platform provides publishing packages. And, also caters to the individual needs of authors. They also help you with their design and distribution services. Moreover, they are also very reasonably priced.  For readers, also, they have provided a new E-Book download feature. Further, in the feature you need to make an account on the website and can add e-Books to read in your cart. You can read more about this feature in the below mentioned link:📢-on-pothi-com-free-ebooks-with-a-single-click/

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3) 24by7

An Indian Publishing House which helps in publishing your book in just 15 days. Its distribution chain extends itself to 39000+ locations and 150+ countries. Above all, it is a multi- lingual platform. As a result, you can self publish your book in any format in multiple languages. 24By7 is here to help you whether its a E-book, children book or ebook .   You can visit their website on the below mentioned link :

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Buuks is a self publishing house which is in play for 13 years in publishing history. In addition, it has with 4 million titles and 500 Thousand authors. Further, Buuks self publishing offer 6 publishing packages. And, in addition, it also includes social media distribution packages for authors. However, you can choose its packages from the below mentioned link:

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Register on this site and submit your book for self publishing. And, furthermore, get a free distribution of your book on Amazon, Flipkart, Playstore and many other platforms. However, For submitting your book you need to follow some format guidelines which are in below mentioned link:

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   To conclude, with this blog I have aimed to provide information to all the budding authors and writers. That is to say, the writers can present their writing skills to the whole world. And, that too by paying nothing.   Write More, so that, We can Read More. So,  Happy Reading!

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