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David Stafford

Book Information

Name of the book —— Skelton’s Guide to Domestic Poisons

Author ——- David Stafford

Publication Date ——— 17 Sep 2020

Genre ——— Mystery/ Thriller

Publisher ———- Allison and Busby


Plot ——————- 5/5

Characters ——————- 5/5

Recommendation ————- 5/5

Writing Style ————— 5/5

Cover Page —————— 5/5

Where the book can be read?

The book, Skelton’s Guide to Domestic Poisons by David Stafford is available on various platforms like Amazon, Barnes and Noble and indieBookstore.

Why did I chose the book?

To tell you all the truth is that I was really intrigued by the cover and the title of the book. Above all, the name of the book, Skelton’s Guide to Domestic Poisons by David Stafford is itself an innovative one. By only reading the name of the book you would not be able to resist yourself from reading it.

Author Introduction

skelton's guide to domestic poisons
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David Stafford born on 11 April, 1949 in Birmingham, UK is the author of Skelton’s Guide to Domestic Poisons. This book is his debut novel. David Stafford has written dramas, comedies and documentaries including TV films.

Also, his upcoming book is Skelton’s Guide to Suitcase Murders which indeed I am not in a mood to miss as soon its out in 2021.


Mary Dutton, Ted Dutton’s widow is arrested for murdering her husband by poisoning him with arsenic. But she pleads not guilty. Everyone thinks that she has been targeted and the murderer is on loose.

Arthur Skelton, a remarkable and successful lawyer decides to accept the case and starts digging out Mary Dutton’s family’s past. As he goes more deeper and deeper grave discoveries are made which in turn changes the whole plot. Arthur has his doubts on every living member of the family either its Ted Dutton’s brother Billy Dutton or mother, Jessie Dutton. Bu,t every time when Arthur thinks that he has his hands on the murderer, the tables are turned and he is back to square one.

Is Mary Dutton not guilty? Will Arthur be able to find the true murderer?

Characters Portrayal

All the characters of the book, Skelton’s Guide to Domestic Poisons by David Stafford have been given a fascinating description.

The writer has taken utmost care in describing each character in terms of physical appearance to its nature. The protagonist, Arthur Skelton is definitely not portrayed as a perfect lawyer and gentleman. He has his own failures to deal with.

And here comes the exciting part of the story that you would not be able to realize the antagonists throughout. The story will change your viewpoint about the characters on every turn of the page.

My Opinion

” A real page turner mystery thriller”

I would define the book, Skelton’s Guide to Domestic Poisons by David Stafford as staggering and gripping for mystery and thriller lovers. With every page you will find a new discovery to the case. At one moment you are thinking that the culprit is found and by the time you reach the end of the chapter the whole scenario changes.

It will make you feel like an active participant in the story with Arthur Skelton, our protagonist and lawyer.

Thanks NetGalley for providing me an ARC copy of this book.

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