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Why I Picked The Book?

Reading books is my hobby and passion both. I am a thriller and horror genre lover. Also I love to read Indian classic authors. Only because of this reason started reading R K Narayan. I have already read his other classics, thus I picked this book, Swami and Friends to give it a try.    

From Where I Bought this Book?

    I bought the book from Flipkart, an online shopping platform. You would not find this book in a second hand book market or local book stalls.


Author Introduction

    Swami and Friends was written by R K Narayan which was his next pin in Malgudi Days. He is a leading Indian author and was founder of Indian Thought Publications. His many works include Malgudi Days, The Guide and The Bachelor of Arts. The writer has set the plot in the most famous Malgudi Village.


  Swami is a 10 year old boy living with his parents. His childhood is confined to going to school and studies. His whole world revolves around his friends and family only. Like other students, he also wants to enjoy his childhood which he is unable to. His parents want him to focus only in his studies.  

A new boy, Rajam takes admission in his school who was a son of Deputy Superintendent of Police. In time, Swami, Rajam and Mani became friends. Swami and Mani always used to visit Rajam’s house to play with his toys.  

Apart from his friends there was a very important life event which occurred to him which was his baby brother’s arrival into this world. He adores his baby brother and loves to play with his brother.  

After examinations are over, he decides to spend his leisure time with friends but fate has other plans. His friends, Rajam and Mani, support him at every step.    Swami’s encounters with his teachers and school got him expelled from two schools, but this does not stop him from exploring his childhood and mischiefs. His friends decide to form a cricket team and challenge other cricket teams of Malgudi. But, he got admission to a new school whose time table is very strict due to which he was not able to practice cricket. Because of this his friends, especially, Rajam became very angry. Still, they decided to play a cricket match on a particular date. But Swami was not able to attend it due to which his relations with his friends got poor.  

Why Swami was not able to attend the cricket match? Will Swami’s friends accept his friendship again?   

Characters Portrayal

  Each character in this story, especially Swami have their own world and own unique characterization. Each character is unique and defined by the writer in a descriptive manner. Even the writer has defined other supporting characters in an illustrative way. The description of the houses and streets seems so real.

The story will take you on a tour to splendid South India with every detail related to its culture and traditions. While reading them you will feel connected to them. This is the best quality of R K Narayan which I have always adored.  

My Opinion

  The writer’s portrayal of Swami’s innocent childhood is fabulous and somehow throws light on the educational system which focusses only on studies and not on a child’s dreams. After reading this book, somehow I am able to connect his childhood with everyone of ours. How we are forced to study only and enjoyment is far far away. At the time of examinations it felt like a trauma. I would strongly recommend this book if you want to feel the pressure of responsibilities inflicted on a child right from an early age.   

Narrative Style

  R K Narayan was one of those eloquent writers whose characters speak for themselves. Their characterization is performed in such a way that you would easily feel connected to them. The writer has very beautifully defined the protagonist, Swami and other characters. The choice of words is very good probably adding more to our vocabulary. If you ask me to define the author’s writing style in short, I would say ” Creative and Descriptive”.    


  • Plot  –   5/5
  • Characters  –   5/5
  • Climax   –   5/5
  • Recommendation  –   5/5
  • Writing Style   –   5/5

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