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Why I Picked The Book?

    Reading books is my hobby and passion both. I am a thriller and horror genre lover. Also I love to read Indian classic authors. Only because of this reason started reading R K Narayan and came across the story “The Blind Dog” in Malgudi days. And Yes, I thought like other stories of him it will also be full of emotions.    

From Where I Bought this Book?

    I bought the book from Flipkart, an online shopping platform. You would not find this book in a second hand book market or local book stalls.

Author Introduction

    The Blind Dog is a short story written by R K Narayan which was published in 1947. He is a leading Indian author and was founder of Indian Thought Publications. His many works include Swami and his friends, The Guide and The Bachelor of Arts. This story is a part of Malgudi Days.


A blind beggar was living in Malgudi who daily appears on the streets for alms. A woman used to help her to reach his spot and take him to home in the evening.   A street dog also used to live nearby and one day the beggar befriends the dog by offering him a meal. The dog became the beggar’s pet and he tied the dog with a rope. It was loyal to his master and daily assisted him on the busy streets. The dog always guided the beggar for potholes and traffic.  

Soon, the beggar started earning more and became greedy which started turning him into a devil. Whenever the dog does something wrong, the beggar used to hit him with a stick. The other vendors in the market also saw this and started to feel sorry for the dog and decided to free the dog. So, one day one of the vendors cut the leash from the dog’s neck  and the dog ran away.  

Will the Dog ever come back to his master? What will happen to the beggar after the dog has run away?    

Characters Portrayal

  The writer has defined the protagonist, beggar as a poor turned greedy blind man and the dog a loyal and obedient one. The tertiary characters has a limited but a very important role to play. The writer has totally defined the protagonist as a greedy and mean character.    

My Opinion

  I would totally recommend the story, “The Blind Dog” for every reader as it clearly explains the true nature of mankind nowadays. Every person for fulfilling his own greed is ready to exploit anyone. Money changes everything and everyone. But the climax is little bit sad and truly outlines the difference between the mentality of human beings and animals.    

Narrative Style

R K Narayan was one of those eloquent writers whose characters speak for themselves. Their characterization is performed in such a way that you would easily feel connected to them. The writer has very beautifully defined the protagonist and the tertiary characters. The narration of this story, “The Blind Dog” will leave you speechless. You will be bound to think that how can a human being degrade himself so much?    


  • Plot  –   5/5
  • Characters  –   5/5
  • Climax   –   4/5
  • Recommendation  –   5/5
  • Writing Style   –   5/5 

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