The Cursed | Biswajit Patnaik | Mystery | Story Review

Why I Picked The Book?

    Reading is my hobby, but unlike others I did not wanted to limit my reading spree to hardcovers or kindle. Instead, I started reading stories on Wattpad too. As I am always a fan of mystery stories so I decided to pick this story up for reading.    

From Where I Got This Book?

    You can read the story on Wattpad on this link:  

Wattpad is a large pool of short stories and some stories are really good. The stories are available on this platform only and you would not find these stories elsewhere.    

Author Introduction

    The Cursed is written by Biswajit Pattnaik, which is a story filled with mystery, cult practices and tradition. Biswajit Patnaik started his writing career in 2019 and his first book ” The Hidden Truth” is a collection of four short crime thrillers. Biswajit Pattnaik writes mainly in crime and supernatural genre. He has also written the Award Winning Wattpad Crime Series ” The Vision”.    


3 friends, Suraj, Rohan and Swayam are visiting Suraj’s paternal village. After reaching the village they are welcomed by Suraj’s grandfather, PyareMohan. After settling down they decided to explore the village a bit. They meet Shyam on the way who is a journalist and he tells them a shocking truth and mystery behind the death of baby girls.

  Back home they come to know that the villagers still believe in old practices and Suraj’s grandfather also believed in them. They decided to dig deeper into the incident and with the help of Shyam and some other villagers to investigate the mystery behind the incidents.   

As they started investigating more and more, they found out that the village head is also a culprit, but there was someone else who was the mastermind. They tried everything to stop them but all in vain. At last, Suraj tried to seek the help of a Gangster who was like a big brother to Suraj.    

Will Suraj and his friends become successful in their pursuit? Will they be able to unmask the mystery behind all the deaths? Who was their mastermind in this practice?

Characters Portrayal

  The main character in this story, Suraj is a little bit confusing. The writer has not bothered to mention the protagonist’s past also which at a point of time was very necessary. But throughout the whole story it remained a mystery . Otherwise, the other characters in the story have been portrayed well.

My Opinion

  I have always been a fan of mystery stories. So, this story also fascinated me. First I thought that it would be something on mystery side but it turned out to be on cult practices. While reading the whole story, I was like ” What the hell is happening”.

And suddenly the whole story takes a turn and a gangster enters the scene. From cult practices and mystery the whole situation turns into an ugly gang war. Totally confusing! I would really not recommend you to read the story as it is total wastage of time.  

Narrative Style

  Biswajit Patnaik’s writing style is just above average. But if I talk specifically about this story, the writing is totally naïve. Confusing story with a confusing plot and not much of mystery at all. Sudden entry of characters which are unnecessary and irrelevant.


  • Plot  –   2/5
  • Characters  –   2/5
  • Climax   –   1/5
  • Recommendation  –   1/5
  • Writing Style   –   2/5

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