The Doctor’s Word | R K Narayan | Fiction | Story Review

Why I Picked The Book?

  You know when you start loving an author’s work then you start reading everything written by the same author. Same happened to me also. So, I chose the story “The Doctor’s Word” I have gradually become a fan of his work and writing.  

From Where I Bought this Book?

    I bought the book from Flipkart, an online shopping platform. You would not find this book in a second hand book market or local book stalls.

Author Introduction

  The Doctor’s Word was written by R K Narayan which was his next pin in Malgudi Days. He is a leading Indian author and, also, founder of Indian Thought Publications. His many works include The Painter of Signs, The Guide and The Bachelor of Arts. The writer has set the plot in the most famous Malgudi Village.


Dr.Raman is a famous physician of Malgudi. He is a respected doctor in Malgudi and people value his opinions utmost. One day Dr.Raman is informed that his childhood friend is suffering from an ailment. And, he has requested for his treatment.

Dr. Raman after arriving at his friend’s house saw that he is suffering from a serious heart ailment. So, he started inquiring the family members about the previous doctor who was attending Gopal.    Gopal’s wife was restless to know about her husband but Dr.Raman did not wanted any give confirmation about the ailment.   

In the midst of all this, Gopal opened his eyes and told Dr. Raman that he wants his property settled between his children. But Dr.Raman told him that he should not think about these trivial matters. But Gopal was adamant on his decision. For comforting his patient, Dr. Raman told him that nothing is going to happen to him. And, he is going to be perfectly alright.  

But the doctor was uncertain that whether Gopal would be able to spend the night or not.   Was Gopal able to cheat his death? Did Gopal believed in doctor’s word?  

Characters Portrayal

  The writer in his older works have always defined the characters in a descriptive way. But in this story, “The Doctor’s Word” he only chose to show the emotional attachment between the two main leads.     

My Opinion

  I would say that in my opinion the story, “The Doctor’s Word” is not so much entertaining rather just focusing on emotional bonding between two friends. Although, the climax of the story is also not much of an unexpected one. But still you have to read it to find out. I would certainly recommend everyone to read the story just once if you are a fan of R K Narayan’s works.     

Narrative Style

R K Narayan was one of those eloquent writers whose characters speak for themselves. Their characterization is performed in such a way that you would easily feel connected to them. The writer has, indeed, very beautifully defined the protagonist and other characters in the story “The Doctor’s Word” . Also, the choice of words is very good probably adding more to our vocabulary.

If you ask me to define the author’s writing style in short, I would say, certainly ” Creative and Descriptive”.      


  • Plot  –   3/5
  • Characters  –   3/5
  • Climax   –   4/5
  • Recommendation  –   3/5
  • Writing Style   –   5/5

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