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The last king of the mountain

Why I Picked The Book?

For some time, I have been munching on fantasy series. While, In this pursuit I came across this book ” The Last King of the Mountain” by Camryn Daytona. The book is the first in the series of ” The True Queen of the Lathai” Also, its my first instance of reading a dystopian novel. So, there was nothing because of which I should not give it a try.

From Where Did I Got This Book?

As I was searching for a fantasy series, I was offered this book “The Last King of the Mountain” by Camryn daytona for review. If you want to read the book, you need to request it on the storyorigin website.

Author Introduction

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Camryn Daytona is the author of The Last King of the Mountain. She draws her inspirations from Harry Potter and is fan of movies and video games. Some of her other works include The Exiled Prince of the North and The Mad Seer of the Winter.


” A throne won in blood will soon be drenched in it. A monarch who rules through intimidation will fear as much as they feared. “

Ariawyn Aramantan is the descendant of the Demon Queen and the Princess of Lathai. But, she is the least interested in being a heiress. She wanted to be free, rather from being a queen, so she runs away from her home in Ellahil. In Ellahil, she was living under the guardianship of Lord of Ellahil, Elluin and his wife Sylmaris and Prince of Malda of Northern Isles, Siveril.

Ariawyn after running away from Ellahil, meets dwarves and with them she reaches Din Mehidnar, which is a dwarven kingdom in the mountains. She spends quite a lot of time with the dwarves and studies about their culture. But, after sometime, Ariawyn was held captive by the dwarves as their kingdom faces a sudden change in their monarchy. She decides to help her dwarven friends by trying to overthrow the present ruler, The Last King of the Mountain.

But, little did she know that her own kingdom, Nelnarius and Ellahil are in danger.

Will Ariawyn be able to know about her true father? What will be the fate of The Last King of the Mountain? Will Ariawyn ever return to her own elven land, Nelnarius?

Characters Portrayal

I have found some of the amazing characters while reading, The Last King of the Mountain. Each and every character has its own role to play in the story.

Although the main character, Ariawyn is a little bit lost and quite unsure about her own fate. Siveril, The Prince of Malda has a past which the writer has not revealed much, but his powers are very interesting.

The dwarves are a significant addition in the story. Each dwarf has unique capabilities. Its quite fascinating that the writer has described in minute details about the dwarven culture.

My Opinion

I would rather define my opinion about the story, the Last King of the Mountain in one line:

” A world of magic perfectly woven around Mortals, Elves and Dwarves.”

I was rather captivated and obsessed with dwarves and their culture. The writer has given a spellbinding description about the dwarven kingdom.

I would strongly recommend to read the book, as it would not disappoint you. You will feel yourself travelling in to the magical world of elves and dwarves.

Narrative Style

The vocabulary is indeed wonderful. The sequence of the events was little bit confusing for me. But, the plot was very much clear to me.

The story, The Last King of the Mountain is not focussed from a single point. Rather, each character has a unique story to tell which makes the writing style remarkable.


Plot – 5/5

Characters – 5/5

Recommendation – 5/5

Writing Style – 4/5

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