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Why I Picked The Book?

    Reading books is my hobby and passion both. I am a thriller and horror genre lover. So, I started reading on Wattpad also. The Mystery of the Missing Lady was recommended by Wattpad as a horror genre story so I decided to give it a trial.     

From Where I Got This Book?

  You can read this story on Wattpad in the below mentioned link:    

Wattpad is a large pool of short stories and some stories are really good. The stories are available on this platform only and you would not find these stories elsewhere.      

Author Introduction

    The Vision( The Mystery of the Misssing Lady) is written by Biswajit Pattnaik, which is a story filled with horror and mystery. Biswajit Patnaik started his writing career in 2019 and his first book ” The Hidden Truth” is a collection of four short crime thrillers. He writes mainly in crime and supernatural genre. The trilogy series “The Vision”  is an award winning series on Wattpad.  


“Dreams can be real and every dream is not a nightmare”

Biswajit Patnaik

Abhay who has a gifted vision can see spirits in his dreams right from when he was 5 year old. One day he saw a lady near a lake in his dreams. Suddenly the lady slid inside the lake and with this Abhay wakes up from his dream. He was sweating profusely. Later, he came to know that the lady in his dreams was missing.

One day he saw policemen in front of a house in his neighbourhood. The police has arrested the man of the house who was accused of killing his own wife brutally.   Then all of a sudden he remembered that he has seen the wife in one of his visions. He contacted Vipul, his friend for further investigation. Abhay decided to help the police and made a rough sketch of the dream and anonymously submitted everything to the police.

The police found the wife’s body in the lake and convicted the husband.   15 years after this incident Abhay is still struggling with the visions. Finally he takes help of Inspector Madhav to unearth the truth. In his pursuit, he finds out that the husband who was convicted of his wife’s murder is not the real killer.

Who is the real killer? Is it a revenge killing or a serial killer? What other facts will be discovered while Abhay, Vipul and Inspector Madhav digs deep?  Who was the missing lady?

Characters Portrayal

  The protagonist, Abhay is a very strong character who despite of having so many frightful visions is all set to unravel the truth. The tertiary characters, Vipul and Inspector Madhav are also helpful to the protagonist in every manner. The encounters of Abhay with the ghost of missisng lady will definitely give you chills. The vocabulary used by the writer is very simple and understandable.    

My Opinion

  I have always been a fan of mystery and horror stories. So, this story, The Mystery of the Missing Lady, definitely fascinated me. The visions are really frightening and the mystery is also good. This is indeed an award winning horror story. I would surely recommend the story for all the horror lovers.  

Narrative Style

  The writer has indeed done a great job. He has compiled a chilling horror story, The Mystery of the Missing Lady, using simple vocabulary. The arrangement of the incidents are also in a very sequential manner.         


  • Plot  –   4/5
  • Characters  –   4/5
  • Climax   –   4/5
  • Recommendation  –   4.5/5
  • Writing Style   –   4/5

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