Book and Light for the Readers| Article

What is your favorite reading position? May be one of the two :  

                 Make your reading more easy by using Book Light.  Book Lamps, certainly, play a pivotal role in the book world. Readers who are night owls sometimes found it very difficult to read at night as you cannot carry your table light in your bed. But here are some options with which you can by sitting on bed and sipping coffee can enjoy your book .

1) Bookmark Book Light

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A lamp which acts both as a bookmark and a lamp. Also, you can easily bend the lamp and form it as a bookmark. Moreover, the lamp is supported by battery and has LED lights. Further, its dimensions are 15.25*3.5*0.5 cm, really small isn’t it? The light is specially crafted for night owls who love to read late nights. So, I think it’s a must have for the book lovers.

2) Headboard Lamp

Light which really serves your love for reading is headboard lamp. Thus, positioned right on top of your head will rightly focus on your book. This lamp has certainly, emerged as an engaging trend in bedroom. And, also you can buy these lamps at a very thrift price.

3) Bullet Bookmark

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  A petite bookmark shaped like a bullet which certainly, serves as a dual purpose of a bookmark and a light is a perfect night out with a horror book. Although, it is only 6*5 cm in size and is made of plastic material. Sold under LITTLE BIRDIE brand name, it can also fulfill a perfect gifting purpose.

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4) BookLight Wedge

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 Thus, crafted in the form of a bright pane, book lamps has emerged as the most famous handheld lamp in 2020 for readers. So, just put it on your book and start reading with no adjustment hassles. In addition, it has an eye- friendly illumination with a backup of 40 hours of charge. Also, its optical grade acrylic lens will focus light on your book and not your eyes. And, also you can easily buy it on Amazon at nominal price.

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5) Rechargeable Led BookLight

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What if you find a lamp which is beyond your imagination? Yes this LEDGLE Updated Rechargeable LED Book Light will certainly, make your dream come true. Thus, wrapped around your neck with an 800 mAH battery and 5-10 hours of battery with a chosen level of brightness. 

Until now you all book lovers must have make up your mind that which light is your preference. So, Happy Reading.

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